As a pediatrician, physician and concerned citizen about the health and welfare of children, it is indeed troubling to see and learn what is happening to children of all ages at our southern border.

Parents role is to love, nurture both physically and emotionally, and protect their children. It is hard to believe that those parents were unaware of the stress, danger and potentially lethal experience this would be for their children in an illegal immigration. At this time, an estimated 16,500 children are at the border in vastly overcrowded housing. A recent TV report noted influenza, COVID-l9, respiratory infections, diarrhea and dehydration, lice, scabies and critically ill children are seen in these overcrowded sites.

The children are taken care of by a limited staff but by strangers to them. The psychological and psychiatric effects on the survivors of this human disaster are hard to fathom.

One word is probably often heard. A word that brings love and security and stability: Mama.

Child protective agencies should be there as well as a medical team to deal with the many infectious problems that are present.

Lastly, politicians need to urgently meet and solve this problem which they created.

Otto G. Rath, M.D., Green Valley