Beware of the innocuous-sounding NextDoor website.

A couple of years ago, at the invitation of a neighbor, I signed up in order to get “neighborhood” listings of items for sale, lost pets, power outages and the like. I would usually scan the headlines and read anything that seemed interesting, but never once have I posted anything.

This morning I received my daily NextDoor update and saw that someone had evidently published a listing in my name in the middle of the night, a listing fraudulent on its face (a low-mileage Camry in perfect condition for sale at a small fraction of its book value). The listing said that “I” was placing the ad for “my sister” and listed “her” e-mail address.

A quick Google search disclosed that that e-mail address has been used repeatedly for suspicious-sounding Craigslist ads in Orlando, Wichita and elsewhere around the country. I decided that if my account was hacked once it could be hacked again, so I deleted the account entirely (not easy to do, incidentally). If you have a NextDoor account, I’d urge you to monitor it closely, and to do what I did if it’s not serving a pressing need.

Jim Duzak, Green Valley

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