Whether Steve Gilbert knows he gave out misinformation is important (Letters, Sept. 4). Many people are making the same statement that 61% of the membership wants to keep the vision statement that GVR now has, but that is incorrect.

The 2018 Survey has responses from 26% of the membership, 5,719 members of the 21,593 total membership. Of the 5,719, 25% stated they “strongly agreed” with the vision statement and 36% stated they “somewhat agreed” with it, and that’s where the 61% number is coming from. It is not of the total membership, but of the 26% of the membership that responded to the survey; 61% of 26% becomes 16% of the total membership. A very large difference than what is being stated.

You can check these figures on GVR’s website: www.gvrec.org. Click on Governance, then Governing Documents and Reports, then Survey Results, then 2018 Member Survey Results.

I have to say I am one who stated I strongly disagree with the vision statement because when I moved here in 2015, I did not come here because of GVR or to be a preeminent destination. Since I have moved here, I have seen a small group trying to make Green Valley to be the city/town I came FROM. I didn’t move here for that. It appears that a good many of the membership feels the same way.

I don’t know why we need a vision statement, but if we have to have one, it needs to be something we can all stand behind.

Kathi Bachelor, Green Valley

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