Sports used to be a unifying factor in our nation. You could always chat about your favorite team or last night’s game to anyone, regardless of political differences. Now, Major League Baseball has shattered that with its divisive decision to move its All-Star game out of Atlanta.

MLB blamed Georgia’s recently passed election legislation and issued a news release which followed, nearly word for word, the Democrats’ talking points, which greatly distorted what the law actually does and unfairly accused the legislators of racism.

Even if they were correct about the legislation, they still should have stayed out of it. But the MLB executives in New York decided they know what’s best for Georgians — more so than the state’s own elected representatives.

I’ve been a huge baseball fan since I was 10, but I will never watch another game — unless baseball changes and stays out of politics. I have canceled my paid subscriptions to view games on television and online.

It’s a sad day, like grieving for an old friend who died, but it’s an even sadder day for America because we’re losing what was once our national pastime, something we all could have in common.

Jim Cleary

Green Valley