The behavior of the GVR Board of Directors at the emergency meeting last week was the most egregious display of a lack of concern for the views of the membership and parliamentary procedure I have ever witnessed in Green Valley Recreation.

The audience spoke to the board forcefully and repeatedly for a vote of acceptance. Following the discussion, a secret ballot was called.

The use of parliamentary rules to cut off dissent demonstrates a lack of concern for GVR members and a misunderstanding of the board responsibilities. It is ironic that after suggesting members find a way to talk to the board, the first public meeting where it is attempted, the reaction is to close the meeting or at least clear the room.

The discussion regarding contract changes for the solar installation following the pickleball question reached a new low in conducting a public meeting with innuendoes that the CEO benefitted personally

from the changes. The contractor advised that the contract changes and the placement of the panels were each the result of financial analysis or engineering decisions The lack of an audience allowed the posturing and statements by members of the BOD to effectively be made out of the public eye.

While I cannot say I admire the way the BOD uses Roberts’ Rules it is evident that they have certainly learned to wield it like a tool, a big hammer comes to mind.

Arthur Mournian, Green Valley

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