Connie Williams’ column, “Dismiss climate propaganda and take action” (Dec. 1, Page A6) is well meaning but wrong. I attended Connie’s class in June and was impressed by her sincerity and willingness to “walk the talk,” but I disagree with her presentation and limited perspective.

I have also taught an OLLI class, “The Ocean From Space,” for the past seven years and will be teaching a new class, “A Skeptic’s View on Climate Change,” in the upcoming session. I will show that the 97% consensus on climate change is flimsy and biased.

The two researchers attacked as oil company tools are not only credible but present a very plausible counter to the “hockey stick” version of climate history used by the U.N. Panel and the U.S Climate Assessment (“Base climate decisions data,” Page A7, Nov. 20).

It’s hard to debate in letters to the editor but if you would like to discuss the ocean’s impact on climate, scientific consensus, the U.N. panel and U.S. climate assessment, the role of the press and energy tradeoffs in a civil, open manner, sign up for OLLI.

Bob Barry, Green Valley

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