The debate over who deserves the award for the Most Dysfunctional Deliberative Body ended Aug. 28, when the GVR Board of Directors demonstrated their superiority over the U.S. Congress.

When I first arrived in Green Valley, I attended board meetings until hissy fits between tennis and pickleball caused the president to resign his office. At the next meeting, the vice president moved up and the board deadlocked 6-6 (why is the board an even number?) in a series of votes. Ultimately, the decision was deferred. I left vowing never to return.

On Aug. 28, I broke my vow. I have strong feelings about the vision statement and was anxious to listen to the debate. I noted on the agenda, with start time of 2 p.m., that the vision statement would be debated at 3:45. I decided to stick it out.  At 2:02, the agenda was modified to postpone consideration of the vision statement. As I spoke to those around me it was apparent that I was not the only one whose primary interest was in that statement. I left renewing my vow.

 Steve Rowley, Green Valley

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