Normally I don’t discuss what I do anonymously, but I feel the need to clarify a recent action.

Today, I popped into Mama’s Kitchen for a carryout order. At the counter was a Customs and Border Protection officer. He was sitting by himself on the innermost stool.

I decided to pay for his order after I paid for my carryout. I left a twenty and instructed the server to give him the change. I know he can’t accept money, so the servers would get a nice tip.

Sometimes I think the CBP and the ICE officers are this generation’s Vietnam veterans.

Let’s be diligent in keeping protests about government policies separate from personal attacks on people doing their jobs.

I didn’t pay for this gentleman’s brunch to make a statement about immigration reform. I did it to remind folks to be kind to one’s neighbor.

This man looked over his shoulder and scanned his perimeter before he closed his eyes to pray over his meal. I went home and cried — for him, for others, and for us all.

Betty Meyers, Green Valley

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