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In Jim Cleary’s commentary, “America and most Americans are not racist,” (Page A7, Oct. 10), the systemic, shameful and egregious treatment of Blacks in America since its founding are trivialized and honeyed over with photoshopped factoids.

The angry “Back at You” letter (Oct. 13) from Randy Morrison criticizing pro-life Republicans is another example of the Great Divide separating the left from the right in this country.

Oct. 13 was the birthday of the U.S. Navy, and I hope everyone took the time to thank a vet and say a brief “thank you” to all our military men and women who have served us so well. We have provided them with the best equipment, and they have done their best with it.

Thank you to the Green Valley News for writing such a lovely, albeit sad, story about Dr. Lyle Robinson, his family and the Arivaca Animal Clinic (“Leaving a void,” Page A1, Oct. 10).

I have for many years maintained that we are a richer but poorer country today than we were in the ’50s or ’60s. In 1962, I was able to go to college tuition-free and was the recipient of a New York state regents scholarship. This enabled a kid from the projects to spend four years in colleg…

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To be charitable, it would seem that those who scorn and deride women’s struggle over the last 50 years to secure safe and legal abortion rights are either cursed with an excess of sentimentality or blessed with blissful ignorance.

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Earth’s climate has changed throughout history. Just in the last 650,000 years there have been seven cycles of glacial advance and retreats, with the abrupt end of the last ice age 17,000 years ago.

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Five times in the past week Green Valley Fire District EMTs have come to our home to help my husband who had fallen and/or experienced pain related to a very recent surgery.

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Sen. Kyrsten Sinema is no John McCain (who mostly voted with his party and spoke out about his positions). She should stop her political game-playing and get behind the party that elected her before she and Sen. Joe Manchin take down two bills that will help every American and are critical t…

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In response to “Is Disaster Imminent?” Page A7, Oct. 10.

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Thanks for the laughs this morning, G. Rodgers (“Shame, shame,” Oct. 10), although I nearly spit out my coffee!

“The Rally for Women” was deplorable (Page A10, Oct. 3). Happy, stylish women with smiles on their faces who are willing to kill children. How can one be so smart to wave the flag?

Our multitude of modern problems shaping up in the present day can affect us all. First, if the GOP does not raise the debt limit, we are headed for another Great Depression. Many of us retirees depend on government, veterans or other pensions connected to or paid out from work, veterans or …

I find it interesting that the Facebook suite of applications (FB, Instagram, Messenger, etc.) all went down on Monday morning after the Sunday night “60 Minutes” interview with whistleblower Frances Haugen. 

After looking at the full page of photos in the Oct. 3, edition of the GV paper, “Rally For Women,” I’m wondering if there couldn’t be the same space allocated for the unborn. The nation’s murder rate is at 62 million and counting. I heard the testimony of a former Planned Parenthood worker …

In response to recent letters on the current situation at the border, I must respond with basic facts on the humanitarian situation that exists today. 

What does the Green Valley/Sahuarita area need next?

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