Bird Friend

Like he owns the place: Limoncello finds a perch at the Animal Care Center. Not long after, he found a home.

Thursday morning, my friend Paula Kulina and I went up to Santa Rita Lodge in Madera Canyon to see the hummingbirds, acorn woodpeckers, juncos, etc. We left at around 10 a.m. to go home.

In the scrub section of Whitehouse Canyon Road, below the tree line, Paula saw a very bright yellow flash go into a mesquite tree on the opposite side of the road. We stopped to try to identify it. Very unusual coloring for birds here.  

As Paula got out on the passenger side, I was watching the bird across the road, and suddenly it took off flying straight toward my yellow VW Beetle, veering over the hood and coming around Paula. Then it flew right inside the car.  

It was a bright yellow parakeet, and while he seemed a bit confused, he was relatively calm.  He clearly intended to come to us — no chance involved. We could not release him back into a wild environment — he would be food for something else. I already have a cat, and Paula is a semi-snowbird, so neither of us could adopt a parakeet. 

Paula dubbed him “Limoncello,” and we stopped at the Animal Care Center near Continental Road. The nice people there went to get us names of people/places that might be helpful, and also went in the back to get a pet carrier/cage to put him in.

One of the assistants in the back has a pet parakeet and a day earlier had gone online to find him a companion, intending to go that day to a pet store to buy one to join theirs. 

She was thrilled to have Limoncello, and everyone, including the bright yellow Limoncello, had a happy ending.

You cannot make this stuff up.

Maureen Brooks, Green Valley

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