Recently, a man with abuse issues shot three people while driving on Interstate 19 through Green Valley. His actions resulted in the death of an innocent woman. It also inspired this rant.

When I was a boy, I went hunting with my father and four uncles. They had fought in WWII and had seen a lot of death and destruction.

When hunting, they had no need to prove to others they were men. They did not need high-capacity clips to kill a deer. They didn’t have the need for armor-piercing bullets. They had no need for bump stocks to get the rush from shooting a gun. They had no need for an arsenal of guns to protect themselves and their family. They were simply men. They had nothing to prove to others how manly they were.

That was years ago, prior to the age of mass shootings. The U.S. has suffered over one million deaths by gun shots since John Lennon of the Beatles was murdered in 1980. One would think that human lives would trump the Second Amendment. You would be wrong. Mass shootings and killings occur daily. Anybody can get a gun. We don’t care about the mental state of the gun owner. He could be a drunk needing AA attention. He could be a wife beater. He could be a psychopath. We still will sell him a gun.

There is nowhere we are safe from the gun nut. Nowhere. Gun nuts are everywhere, ready to kill you and your family. If you attend church and pray to God, God can’t save you from a killer’s bullet. Kids go to school and don’t come home due to a gun nut. Perhaps attending a movie will be the end of your life instead of having fun. You can’t escape gun nuts in the U.S.

In all my years on the internet I have yet to hear one single gun enthusiast express sympathy for gunshot deaths. Instead, they see a mass shooting as a government plot to take away their guns. They lost their human empathy years ago.

The Second Amendment was written when the musket was the tool for killing, not our modern-day machine guns.

If you think about it, Ronald Reagan got shot and nobody cared. Same with U.S. Rep. Gabby Giffords. Politicians who can provide some sense to the gun disease will not act. They permit the deaths to continue unabated.

I wish common-sense regulation of gun ownership existed in the U.S. But getting any regulation passed that could help lower the death count fails. I know gun control regulations will not stop all unnecessary gun deaths but stopping some of them is worthwhile and is a start. As far as I am concerned, life and living is better than death and tears.

Yes, I wish we had the sanity we had when I was a kid and I hunted with men who did not need guns to make them men.

Patrick Finucane lives in Green Valley.

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