The board of Friends of GVR takes the following position on the East Center pool, which has indeed become an emotional issue: We want every member of GVR to have their activity of choice, whether it is a dedicated space club, a shared-space club, swimming, fitness, or an activity we haven’t thought of yet. However, land and financial resources are limited, so GVR has to make decisions to prioritize its expansion to meet all of these needs. The job of GVR’s Board of Directors is to make decisions based on facts.

GVR’s BOD has received legal opinions on the subjects of GVR’s obligation to keep a pool at East Center and the 5% rule (Standard of Service), but has not made them public. They don’t have to – legal opinions have attorney-client privilege and the client is the BOD. In some unusual cases, however, the Board agrees to publish a summary of the opinion.

Despite the emotion around the East Center pool, the board’s job is to make a decision based on facts, i.e. what is possible to put in that space, and which of the possibilities is the best use.  The first line of the Standard of Service Bylaw (Art. III, Section 3) is “The Board of Directors shall establish and maintain a standard of service for the recreational facilities of The Corporation which best serves the overall good of the organization.”

Per the last Aquatics subcommittee meeting, the engineers need to go down at least several more feet to figure out what is going on. At this point, GVR doesn’t even know if it is feasible to replace the pool. Soil remediation is expensive.

The fact that the East Center pool is a component of the Reserve Study does not mean that GVR can’t choose to not replace it. The pool no longer has a useful life, so likely would be removed from the Reserve Study anyway.

Ethically speaking, the BOD’s first duty is loyalty to the corporation. The Board is elected to make informed decisions on behalf of the corporation and its members. We are quite certain that each director takes that charge seriously.

Financing is not the issue, but the priority of use of funds is. This year, there is the additional concern about operating results due to the pandemic.

We are sure that after the board has conducted its due diligence, it will make the decision that is in the best interest of GVR.

Nina Campfield is president of Friends of GVR.