Many Democratic candidates are salivating over the opportunity to become president. Seemingly, they will do or say virtually anything to defeat President Trump.

Elizabeth Warren promises to impose a moratorium on all new offshore and onshore drilling leases, terminating a significant percentage of U.S. oil and gas production. Then, the potential for thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in royalties for federal and state governments will be gone. And, Bernie Sanders’ plans is to ban all offshore drilling as well as nuclear energy. Some other candidates call for “net zero” emissions, unspecified how and future dates, with the same effect.

Succeeding with these plans would terminate entire economic sectors — drilling, refining, liquid-natural-gas terminals, pipeline installation, manufacturing and all the industries that support those areas and make our nation energy independent.

Democratic candidates have assured us that the Green New Deal is a climate-control plan. However, the real program highlights the magnitude of government controls required to enhance the effectiveness of this “plan." Socialism for the masses?!   

The ever-elusive Joe Biden has vowed to take away all his union members’ gas-  and diesel-powered trucks, with plans for 500,000 charging stations — a “full electric-vehicle future” by 2030.  There isn't any regard to the source and  amount of energy needed to power these stations

Apparently, Biden is a dichotomy. He claims to be a friend of labor yet his actions are the opposite. How will his friends in industrial and agricultural states react? This is the man who has been on the public payroll since 1970, and became a U.S. senator with the help of Frank Sheeran, president of Teamsters Local 326 in Delaware.  

Incidentally, a new movie about Sheeran’s connection with organized crime will be in theaters this fall, titled "The Irishman." Biden may find it necessary to “tap dance” around that disclosure and others.

Apparently, many politicians are not mindful that most have so-called “skeletons in their closets” that may be harmful if made public.  Yet, they choose to assault President Trump over insignificant past actions and events of a successful businessman though he is the most successful president in recent history.

In the meantime, the millennials are gaga over the Warren and Sanders agendas.   

Apparently, what these potential voters don’t seem to understand is that as recipients of the freebies they become the debtors as well.  Someone must pay for these socialist agendas.  So-called “wealth taxes” won’t be the answer. And, such is an example of “killing the goose that laid the golden egg” —  providers of jobs, payrolls and investors in the American economy. Usually, the middle-class taxpayers foot the bill for such freebies.  Higher taxes on goods and services, income, personal property, real estate and other assets.  As an example, check out the cost of living in California for a preview.

Some Democratic candidates treat “trillions” of dollars as though such is a trivial sum in reserve available for the asking, with no consequences.

Seemingly, the mindful electorate is concerned with immigration and health care. Some of what they prize most are jobs, prosperity, energy prices, taxes and maintaining their individual freedom of choice.

Once again, the politicians and many bureaucrats have lost sight of the fact that this is a government of the people, by the people and for the people.  

Don Severe lives in Green Valley.

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