Regarding the coverage of the protest about the Border Patrol detention facilities in this past Sunday’s GV News (“It’s her baby,” Page A1, July 7).

The front page article was about a protest lead by Barb Lemmon on the Fourth of July and contained a 4.5- by 6.5-inch picture of the protesters, of which only four are visible though the article claimed about 60 participated. That same edition carried a briefer article about 33 illegal immigrants jammed in a semi-truck in 100-degree heat. This article also had an accompanying 2-by-4 inch x-ray photo showing the people standing in the sweltering trailer. There were 12 kids, a pregnant woman and a convicted felon.

It seems to me that somehow editorial desecration got badly mixed up.

I believe the article about the people trapped in the trailer was much more front-page worthy than the protest article.

It’s my opinion that who should be protested are the Democrat politicians and their supporters who refuse to step up and help fix a problem that just continues to escalate. You know, the ones that denied and some extent continue to deny that a crisis even exists.

Ron Ellis, Green Valley

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