Like Dale Miller, my wife and I decided to go to Canoa Hills pool today (“GVR poolside,” Sept. 13). We wore our masks as required, then took our masks off to get into the pool. My wife was sitting at the edge of the pool to share the lane with me. Well, she didn’t enter the water quickly enough and the GVR boogieman told her she couldn’t sit at the edge of the pool without a mask on. I call this harassment!

What did we sign the waivers for? GVR looks out for our safety? GVR required signed waivers and opened few pools with limited hours. So, everyone in Green Valley had to congregate at the few open pools with no showering requirements and were told to share a lane with a total stranger where you’re less than six feet apart without a mask. Since we’re safe in the pool, why not open the pools 24 hours? So, Dale, there is no logic here. We are forced to pretend the masks will save us. Leave us alone and let us swim our normal hours.

To GVR: Due to the Covid-19 virus, this year’s payments may be delayed.

Eric Heskett

Green Valley