On May 29, House Democratic Co-Whip Reginald Bolding released a statement on behalf of the

Arizona House Democratic Caucus; I thank my friend Rep. Bolding for his leadership and clarity he has shared.

On May 31, Democratic Leader Rep. Charlene Fernandez released a statement condemning the violence and vandalism but noted that Gov. Ducey did not mention or address the issue of police brutality.

I pray that the family of George Floyd finds peace in these most troubling times.

Do not lose sight of why these demonstrations are taking place; let’s work together to address the concerns.

Let’s take this opportunity to join in civil discourse and make reforms necessary to prevent this from happening again.

As a Hispanic woman, I feel angry, and I understand the frustration felt by those who peacefully protest.

As a mom, I will not condone violence or vandalism of any form, and I encourage only peaceful and meaningful demonstrations.

I stand with those who peacefully protest and show us that the life of George Floyd has meaning.

I encourage those in law enforcement to continue to show restraint and understanding.

Before us is our opportunity to work together, for civil discourse, and lasting reform.

I encourage the citizens of our state to rebuild public confidence through reform of our existing system.

What is needed is laws that require independent reviews of police conduct, a national definition of abusive force, and more transparency of police officer’s prior conduct.

Also, Arizona must fund our public education system fully; by reforming our educational system, we can address poverty and inequality.

I ask all people of our State of Arizona to focus your energy on working with your lawmakers, and let’s take this opportunity for change.

Please also keep in mind that we are still in a pandemic that has not reached its peak here in Arizona, and I respectfully urge you all to keep your health and the health of others in mind.

State House Rep. Rosanna Gabaldón, a Democrat, represents Legislative District 2 and lives in Sahuarita.