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When the street through your neighborhood gets difficult to drive, don’t blame local government. When the grass in the park grows too tall, don’t blame local government. When the municipal pool gets closed or the number of trash pickups is reduced, it’s not the fault of your local government.

It didn’t take long for the Friends of GVR-dominated board to bare its teeth. But it didn’t come during Wednesday’s meeting, it arrived in an email that evening to all board members.

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Last month, our research team released the footage of a jaguar we detected just three miles from the borderlands between Mexico and the United States. The juvenile male jaguar could be one of the first jaguars in this region that will face the border wall. Researchers, advocates and members …

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She was a cool mom but she completely warped her boys’ sense of what qualifies as legitimate cinema by taking us to those five-dollar-a-carload triple-feature horror movies at the drive-in.

Who hasn’t been affected by COVID-19 in the past year? The elderly, those with illness, families, workers, the medical community. Often overlooked are our  youths, whose education has been disrupted, time with friends taken away and opportunities to grow through programs have been canceled o…

Before it’s over, GVR’s purchase of the former Canoa Hills clubhouse could end up costing members tens of thousands of dollars, with much of that going to lawyers trying to unwind one of the biggest messes in the organization’s history.

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At the end of each story, Paul Harvey, radio personality, used to say, “and that’s the rest of the story.” There has been much misinformation printed by the Green Valley News, reprinted by the GVR4us eblast, and posted in social media outlets. So, what is “the rest of the story?”

What does the Green Valley/Sahuarita area need next?

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