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One month ago today, my brother Pat arrived in Ukraine for his third trip since the war broke out nearly a year ago. Since then, he has crisscrossed the country on several 12- to 14-hour trips delivering supplies, people and animals that have taken him to the front lines in the east, to Pola…


It’s 9 p.m. on Friday and I’m still at work. Dinner was a stale donut I found in the break room left over from a Wednesday GVC meeting. My office is cold and the martial arts students one suite over have been throwing each other at our shared wall much of the day. I’m really tired and I miss…

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My brother Pat headed to Ukraine on March 1, less than a week after Russia invaded. It was the first of two trips, and I chronicled a lot of his experiences in several columns for the paper.

The new governor-elect is pushing for a culture of death. She said the first line of business will be to lift the abortion ban in Arizona and will call for a special session. She hopes to work with Republicans to do this. I refuse to work with someone who wants to elevate the industry of dea…

About a year ago, this newspaper, like many others, published a spate of stories and opinion pieces with a common theme: Why are these people who decline to get the COVID shot so unreasonable?

“The Tucson Crime Free Coalition’s mission is a safe community for all, through the enforcement of our laws. We are advocates for adequate staffing and resources for law enforcement, treatment for those in need, and prosecution for criminals that are unwilling to abide by our laws.”

Greg Taylor comes off like a guy who’s about to get married for the first time. He’s pretty sure he knows what he’s getting into but there’s enough unknown territory to still be cautious, maybe even nervous.

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About five minutes into a conversation with Sanda Clark you discover she isn’t much interested in politics — left, right; conservative, liberal; Democrat, Republican.


The phone call didn’t come as a surprise but it was still jarring. Kevin Duke, our sports editor for three years, died Thursday of cancer. He was 58.

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As Americans, we have the constitutional right, through our legislators, to pass criminal laws. But over the past few years progressives have effectively nullified this right by weaponizing Attorneys General as well as County and District Attorneys’ Offices.

What does the Green Valley/Sahuarita area need next?

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