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I admit I glanced over my shoulder to see if anybody was looking when I walked into Weedology on Thursday. You’d have done the same unless you plan on becoming a regular at Ontario, Oregon’s first recreational marijuana dispensary.

“You need to check out a great opportunity in Green Valley and Sahuarita” was the advice I was given by two close business associates in early 2017.

Last year, Green Valley received $650,000 for road preservation, which was one-third of the amount allocated to District 4. The Pima County Transportation Advisory Committee (PCTAC) had allocated less than $60,000 to Green Valley but the Green Valley Council and our Supervisor, Steve Christy…

A few years ago, I was invited to be on a panel of journalists at the University of Arizona. Our job was to talk with about 25 university public information officers about how to get their message into our publications.


When my son Sam was getting close to finishing his master’s degree in education last month, I knew one of the most valuable gifts he could receive would have to come from somebody else. Sam will be teaching English literature at Tucson’s Flowing Wells High School in the fall. So I contacted …

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