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Last year, criminologist James Alan Fox of Northeastern University published a study that showed that “homicides by intimate partners are increasing, driven primarily by gun violence after almost four decades of decline.”

We are in the midst of unparalleled change in our society, something unimaginable just a few days ago, and it alters everything — how we shop, where we socialize, our schools, our health and our finances. Everything. 

The Green Valley Sahuarita Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center accepts the fact that we are living in interesting times. Recommendations from the White House, the CDC and Gov. Ducey’s office must be taken seriously.

You may have recently learned—from a newspaper, perhaps—that McClatchy, one of the largest newspaper publishers in the country, filed for bankruptcy protection. For the sky-is-falling industry observers, it’s the latest sign that newspapers are joining the horse and buggy in the broom closet…

Having me write about recipes is like putting The Three Stooges in charge of a daycare — something’s bound to go wrong. But the boss said I had to.

Accepting the federal government’s Operation Stonegarden (OPSG) grant is a very difficult policy decision. It has been accepted by the Pima County Board of Supervisors in the past, but recently, with more vigorous public debate and opposition, the Department of Homeland Security has failed t…

It’s not a bad idea to make sure voters understand the impact of a ballot initiative, or that they be required to present identification when they drop off a ballot, but the assumptions these simple steps generate is offensive.

A lot of people have shared stories about the Rev. Herb Chilstrom, who died Jan. 19, at his home in Sahuarita. Bill Brown shared this email below that Herb wrote to his golf group, which included Bill. Herb’s wife, Corinne, wholeheartedly agreed to let us publish it. It’s a wonderful glimpse…

Brandon Martin has never served in Congress but he’s picked up a few tricks already. Martin finished second to Lea Marquez Peterson in the 2018 Congressional District 2 GOP primary. She lost to Democrat Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick in the general.

The Rev. Herb Chilstrom has degrees from five universities and seminaries, 15 honorary doctorates and traveled the world helping pastors and academics sift through the intricacies of faith.

More than $500,000 of Pima County residents’ property tax dollars have spent on asylum seeker processing. I have been asked, “How did this happen?”

Never has the poison of social media been more evident than at the current moment when our nation is deeply divided on the decision by President Trump to kill Iranian Revolutionary Gen. Qasem Soleimani.

What does the Green Valley/Sahuarita area need next?

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