OK, so the Super Bowl is too much of a muchness.

Overhype. Overindulgence. Overconsumption.

All week, the sporting media from around the world has been reporting and broadcasting things that hardly matter or don’t matter at all:

Press “opportunities.”

Vapid, empty-headed questions asked of coaches and players and people wandering down the sidewalk in Atlanta past TV cameras.

So what?

It’s the Christmas, the St. Patrick’s Day, the Fourth of July, the Halloween all combined honoring the nation’s favorite sport, football.

Pro football. The NFL. The best it gets.

Besides, what don’t we overdo in this country, anyhow?

We pour heart and soul into the World Series, the Final Four, the Indianapolis 500, the Masters, the Oscars, you-name-it.

It only makes sense to make extravagant nonsense out of the one game for which there’s so much passion, the National Football League’s championship game.

The New England Patriots vs. the Los Angeles Rams, this afternoon, at the Super Bowl venue in Atlanta.

The Patriots are a dynasty, the Rams are the underdogs and the game is the centerpiece of countless parties coast to coast.

And here in Green Valley.

More pizza and burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, ice cream and cake and beer than you could possibly imagine will be spread out in family rooms and dens throughout the community …. in the name of football.

I’m not sure it’s what the sport is all about, but there’s no question it’s what the Super Bowl is all about.

So go ahead and enjoy it.

Root your head off for the Patriots or the Rams.

Yell at the refs, second-guess the coaches, argue with your best friend who happens to be cheering for the other team.

And most important: Have plenty of antacid and pain reliever on hand.

Corky Simpson writes a monthly column for the Green Valley News.

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