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Writer Laurie Jurs was among about 60 people who walked all or part of the Migrant Trail in May, from Sasabe, Sonora, Mexico, to Kennedy Park in Tucson.

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The Migrant Trail Walk procession of the coffins represents the men, women and children who have died crossing the Arizona desert, many whose names are unknown. The procession was held in Sasabe, Sonora, Mexico, before the walk, at Nuestra Señora del Sagrado Corazón church.  

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Walkers launch their trek at the U.S.-Mexico border at Sasabe.

The willful ignorance of our Congressional majorities regarding science in general and climate science in particular is astounding. Elected officials with advanced educations and illustrious careers are currently making dreadful decisions. It’s time for them to lead, follow or get out of the way.

Sunday mornings will never be the same again, not for me. Bill has called it off, this time for good. No more scooting out Sunday mornings for a New York Times, watching the time to be sure to be back for my personal breakfast with Bill (Moyers) at 9 a.m.

The days are fast closing on another year. It’s a time to reflect on blessings and good fortune, in our own lives, the lives around us and our whole country. It’s the season to cast a long look through the rear-view mirror and out front over the horizon.

“Want better, smaller government? Hire another million federal bureaucrats.” This paradoxically titled Washington Post opinion piece by John Dilulio in late August caught my eye. I dug deeper into his new book, “Bring Back the Bureaucrats,” and into my own career and life experience to try t…

Just a little over a year ago, my world of possibilities opened up like a night-blooming cereus. The precipitating event was the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act, specifically the part that denied 1,138 federal benefits to legally married same-sex couples. Immigration la…

Have you ever worked in a shared office where people had to agree about setting the thermostat? How well did that work? Now imagine China, Russia, India, the E.U. and the U.S. duking it out over the world’s thermostat. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Stay with me.

Our family does something no other family does. At least I’ve never heard of another family doing it. We have regular Cousins’ Reunions. We’ve had six in 13 years, since 2001. A defining element is that our reunions are for cousins only, no spouses, no partners, no children.

The young mother can’t come up with $50 for a copy of her California birth certificate, needed even to apply for food stamps. Another can’t produce one dollar so her child can go on a school field trip, so she sends 50 cents for each of two weeks. A third mother, who knows what it’s like, se…

When the Supreme Court argued Obamacare, I followed the proceedings avidly, given a working life devoted to improved accessibility of affordable health care. When the Court deliberated Arizona’s draconian immigration law, SB 1070, I listened to every word, given my commitment to preventing s…

If you see things as I do, you are thoroughly sick about the quality of the campaigns and elections. Obscene amounts of money are being used to apply marketing psychology in the most craven and manipulative manners imaginable. If any of this added value to our democracy, it would be one thin…

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