• By John Milland

I've been asking around to a lot of different people on what they think of their HOA boards and how they function. The answers generate an almost standard bell curve with the exception that the main body of the bell is strongly skewed to the "less is better" side rather than being in dead center.

  • By John Milland

Five Sundays ago the Green Valley News headline was "Are elderly bullied in own homes?" That article reported that on April 8, Kim Bowman, who was living in an elderly relative's home in Desert Hills II, was cited for suspicion of drug possession and criminal damage.

  • By John Milland

A few weeks ago I wrote a two part piece about early TV news. I finished it with the comment that TV news quality had gone down, not up. The past few weeks has shown that the news service, with some exceptions, has slipped again.

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