John Haggerty has very little grasp of budgeting (“GVR budget ‘estimate’ just isn’t good enough,” Nov. 14).

I remember a saying from an accounting class in college: “You should never trust any numbers that you have not manipulated yourself.” This is important here for when Mr. Haggerty plies his words of opinion he is making every effort to guide the reader down his road of ideas. These ideas are not necessarily correct.

All budgets are living documents that help to guide the governing body. Budgets are estimates of income and expense from which a governing body makes decisions on the course of action. Budgets are generally designed for one year or multiple years. The longer the term, the more estimating is done.

If by Mr. Haggerty’s standard, as shown in his opinion, then all folks who put together budgets must have a crystal ball. But no that is not the case. Budgets are living and breathing documents that as time progresses are adjusted to the actual income and expenses that are occurring.

It is disappointing to see such an opinion trotted out as fact and when in reality all it is is one person’s faulty pontification.

Eric Sullwold, Green Valley

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