With so many other issues facing the nation now, perhaps it is time to look forward rather than back.  I agree with the writer of the letter to the editors who isn’t sure how he feels about reparations for African Americans, although funding for predominately black institutions is an interesting concept (“Some issues bigger than reparations,” Page A7, June 26). 

My concern is for the naivety of another letter writer who states, “Demand the same behavior from people, regardless of their skin color.” I, too, would love to see the end of bias and hatred in my lifetime.  But right now, let’s get some facts straight. Despite the fact nearly 60 percent of our population believes most special program (welfare) recipients are black, there are actually more whites receiving the bulk of benefits, although food stamps are about equal. 

Does this not tell you something about attitudes of whites regarding people of color?  I could go on, but I will only say this. On a trip to Balboa Park in San Diego at one of the museum displays, I was struck by this comment: “Most of the benefits of being white can be obtained without ever doing anything personally. Whites are give the privileges of a racist system, even if they’re not personally racist.” — John A. Powell, legal scholar. 

Diane Hawthorne, Green Valley