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I am tired of the corruption. Where to start; just from yesterday, the emoluments clause regarding holding the G7 summit at President Trump’s Doral resort. Blatant abuse of personal enrichment.

In his In My View column, Thomas Chandler tries out a little mental jujitsu in painting today’s Democrats as a racist/sexist party (“Facts Democrats should be aware of,” Oct. 9).

I am truly saddened at the political madness rife in the U.S. House of Representatives since the 2016 election. In that election, voters clearly indicated they wanted immigration reform and border security, infrastructure upgrades and health care reform. The House, under Speaker Nancy Pelosi…

So now we no longer have Columbus Day. We have Indigenous Peoples Day.

The price of insulin continues to rise exponentially. I am a retired physician. There is no substitute for many diabetics. Even though the original patents have long since expired, Big Pharma has a loophole allowing them to not share most of the manufacturing rights as they continue to outra…

This message is for the person who was driving at high speed south on Camino del Sol at 5:07 p.m. on Sunday night in a black Cadillac sedan. The speed limit is 35 mph. You had to be going at least 60, endangering my life (as a pedestrian) and the lives of others, including yourself. Please s…

My husband and I hike Madera Canyon often. Last week was our first time back to hiking there after having been gone for a few months. We were happily surprised to see that, in our absence, the much-hiked Josephine trail (Old Baldy) had received a lot of maintenance.

I am not well-versed on the complex financial aspects of the eagerly anticipated pickleball courts coming soon. I would like to add my support to those who are seriously concerned about health and safety issues should a player suffer heat stroke due to the absence of shade.

I am really curious if anyone else is fed up with people cutting through the pole barriers at Continental Shopping Plaza.

Letter-writer Nora Sullivan (“Climate hoax,” Oct. 9) is correct that Earth’s climate has changed before. However, it’s the pace of the current change that is most troubling.

Just a comment on the death of our Border Patrol agent (“Border Patrol agent dies after apparent fall,” Page A5, Oct. 9). What a tragedy and our thoughts go out to his family.

A perpetual deficit existence. When a government entity, or human being, utilizes a bond-like measure to pay for expenditures it’s essentially borrowing from an undetermined future, plus interest. It’s an acknowledgement today’s realities have exceeded yesterday’s preparation for them (“savings”).

I am a proud Democrat who does not believe that all Republicans are sexist racists. Neither do I believe that all sins of omission or commission in the past are the responsibility of those of us today.

Like many Americans, I have been troubled by the duplicity and corruption of the Trump presidency, and have nearly despaired that he will be held accountable for the wide range of immoral and illegal behavior he generates. Impeachment is the responsible, constitutional process available and …

I’m writing to thank three individuals who were so helpful when I tripped and fell in the Walmart parking lot last Friday morning. 

As the weather cools down, more bicyclists will be on the road. Please watch out for them and don’t pass us in the bike lane or drive in the bike lane.

Alexander Hamilton wrote in “Plublis” (#33, The Federalist) about allowing changes to the Constitution and future contingencies to it. Here is a paramount reason why justices and legislators ought always to consider the intent of the authors of the Constitution rather than interpret for them…

Thank you for a balanced and thoughtful article (“Covering Pence, and recalling some GV history,” Oct. 6). This a complex question and I appreciate that the Secret Service has a difficult job. Also I think our public officials deserve an appropriate level of protection.

I watched 100-plus law enforcement personnel create four hours of traffic mayhem last Thursday during Vice President Pence’s visit.

What is shaping up to be the key issue in the 2020 election?

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