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This past Tuesday, at a Trader Joe’s in Tucson, a male shopper came in wearing a “Trump 2020” t-shirt. My husband and I immediately felt threatened and observed the entire mood of the store shift as well. We quickly and cautiously finished our shopping and moved to the checkout stands.

After a tragedy, the impulse of politicians is always to “do something,” rather than to do the right thing. 

Whether they know it or not, older adults across the United States rely on critical programs and services funded by the Older Americans Act (OAA) to help them live safely in their homes and communities as they age.

In one of the Democratic presidential candidate debates, candidate and former vice president Joe Biden was severely criticized for boasting that early in his political career he had worked with segregationist senators (whom the media conveniently failed to identify as fellow Democrats).

In Sunday’s Green Valley News, the article “A Death In Sahuarita: When people in need refuse help,” alarmed me.

Interesting editorial in the Sunday Green Valley News regarding the editor’s visit to a marijuana dispensary in Ontario, Oregon, including remarking on how well run it appeared to be under Oregon’s recreational marijuana laws (“I was as weed shop virgin,” Page A6).  It was particularly timel…

On Monday, the Sahuarita Town Council decided to ignore 42.88 percent of voters from the 2018 election that took place less than one year ago.

Sunday’s edition of the Green Valley News reported on the “special” GVR board meeting. The purpose was to vote on a pickleball lease agreement between GVR and BAJA Sporting Club. The details are in the article. Interestingly, the article focused more on the disruptive behavior of some member…

The behavior of the GVR Board of Directors at the emergency meeting last week was the most egregious display of a lack of concern for the views of the membership and parliamentary procedure I have ever witnessed in Green Valley Recreation.

As GVR members, our worries about this board were maximized at the meeting Thursday. This is no longer only a pickleball issue, but more importantly, a board competency concern.

During the Aug. 7 meeting of the GVR Board of Directors, those directors who argued against the BAJA Club lease proposal stated that the lease would “create a new class of member.”  My position is that interpretation was not and is not valid.

Some time ago, the voting age was lowered from 21 to 18. Reasoned by the fact that if people as young as 18 can serve in the military, they should also have a say in political affairs of the nation, this rationale was broadly accepted, as it linked privilege with service and responsibility. …

The strangest, almost miraculous, things sometimes happen to us at a time when we're experiencing our most horrific moments. I found that out on July 20 when I was rushed to Banner-University Medical Center in Tucson after an aortic abdominal aneurysm burst while my wife, Betty, and  I were …

I admit I glanced over my shoulder to see if anybody was looking when I walked into Weedology on Thursday. You’d have done the same unless you plan on becoming a regular at Ontario, Oregon’s first recreational marijuana dispensary.

Normally I don’t discuss what I do anonymously, but I feel the need to clarify a recent action.

Beware of the innocuous-sounding NextDoor website.

Friends and SilverSneakers colleagues wish to express appreciation for the recent well-written article by Ellen Sussman regarding Dr. Pamela Cherry and her recent nomination in the competition for the 2019 SilverSneakers Richard Swanson Inspiration Award.

To all the liberals screaming that President Trump owns El Paso: If that is true, then President Obama owns Sandy Hook and all of the shootings during his eight years in office.

Some of the letters addressing gun control and mass shootings in Wednesday’s paper had some good points. It would help the dialogue if people would get off “assault weapons,” “military weapons,” etc.

What is shaping up to be the key issue in the 2020 election?

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