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Suicide continues to be a leading cause of death across the United States. Our members of Congress must do more and act now to make suicide prevention a national priority. Every person and our communities nationwide need access to immediate, affordable, and quality crisis care and mental hea…

I am amazed that people of our age don’t know basic facts of history. We are all grateful for Social Security and Medicare. Now, only 13 Republican senators voted for Medicare. Don’t believe me? As the old Perfesser used to say, “You could look it up.” Of course, those 13 could never make it…

About eight years ago, when building a hospital locally was being discussed, I wrote a column in the Green Valley News discussing the hurdles to success this hospital would face. But, I concluded as long as the people of Green Valley would not be part of that financial risk, we should not object.

The letter above was published Monday on NABUR, the Green Valley News social media site. The following is a response.

I have been working on being socially aware. How about you? Now there is such a movement as “cancel culture”! Now someone gets ostracized or worse if they say something insensitive ....something not “woke.” All determined by what must be the “cancel culture” police. It has been compared to a…

Is it a coincidence that the company, Northwest Healthcare, who has run a busy urgent care in Green Valley for 10-plus years, decided to close it down just months after they open a new hospital nearby with an ER?  I think not.  Why settle for urgent care profits when you can see many of the …

Let’s face it, Medicare is absolutely critical for America’s seniors. The program has seen its ups and downs, but it is a lifesaver for many seniors in Arizona.

I think Fran Gordon needs a history lesson and a hypocrisy check (“The Senators,” June 9).

I resent the way the Republican-run state of Arizona is rewarding the anti-vaxxers with free incentives to get vaccinated while the rest of us stepped up did our duty and got vaccinated as soon as possible. All we got was two shots in the arm.

When the street through your neighborhood gets difficult to drive, don’t blame local government. When the grass in the park grows too tall, don’t blame local government. When the municipal pool gets closed or the number of trash pickups is reduced, it’s not the fault of your local government.

RE: “I’m a widow now,” Page A1, June 6. It was a tragic at-home fall that made me a widow almost four months ago, so if I may offer one more bit of advice to others when they find themselves alone — realize that you aren’t.

About a week before Memorial Day, an asphalt patch was made to the roadway along the curb on northbound Camino del Sol, east from the entrance to Desert Hills III West.

Thank you Green Valley News and Nogales International for hosting AZ-19 Most Influential Youth awards on Saturday. It was a wonderful event held at Mountain View Elementary in Rio Rico on honoring 19 very remarkable young people.

I was shocked by Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s statement to reporters when she toured the border with Sen. John Cornyn. The statement made no sense if we are trying to save our democracy. Worse yet, she did not show up for the vote for the bipartisan commission to investigate the Jan. 6 insurrection…

Drought in the West, flooding in the Midwest and East. Oil and gas pipelines criss-crossing the nation, but nobody has the common sense to build pipelines to send water from east to west. Dah? Here’s a job for the Army Corps of Engineers. And, if this is to be done, put restrictions and lice…

Gov. Ducey’s budget is like a 100-year-old Republican wish list.

On May 4, my son-in-law and daughter were visiting us in Rio Rico from Madison, Wisc. One of their favorite stops is Tubac at the Country Shop. We were looking for pots for my son-in-law, who had just purchased a couple of cacti. However, the store was not open.

What does the Green Valley/Sahuarita area need next?

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