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The dog park at Quail Creek-Veterans Municipal Park is a wonderful place for dogs and people alike (“Not an entitlement,” Sept. 8). The rules for use of the park are at best arbitrary and capricious and must be taken with a grain of salt.

President Biden made two promises. One to Americans in Afghanistan that no one would be left behind. The second was to the Taliban that we would be out by Aug. 31. Only one was kept, that being to the Taliban. Remember that in 2022 and 2024. Vote wisely.

Join us at noon today as we talk with Dr. Theresa Cullen, director of the Pima County Health Department.

Try holding your breath for three minutes. It is exceedingly difficult. Now imagine that you can hardly breathe for hours and days at a time. The COVID virus can cause that terrible condition by invading the body, taking over cells and seriously affecting the lungs. It is also highly transmi…

On Tuesday, we’ll honor 19 people and one business in the I-19 region as part of our AZ19 Most Influential People awards. It’s the fourth year for that special event, and we’re excited to host it again this year — this time in person!

Standing in GVR’s woodshop at a long work bench, where to begin. The work at hand, a new table. Not just any table, a special table for the main cabin bulkhead, hinged arms and legs unfolding.

The front page article from your Sept 8 issue really caught my eye (“No shot? County workers pay more”). 

Does Pima County also require more from their employees who smoke, vape or drink (“No shot? County workers pay more”)? How about for those employees who engage in risky recreation, such as skydiving, white water rafting or casual sex?

Join us at noon on Wednesday, Sept. 15, as we talk with Dr. Theresa Cullen, director of the Pima County Health Department.

Sharon O’Connor is entitled to her own opinion about the war in Afghanistan, but not her own set of facts (“It make sense now,” Sept. 5).

Having a small dog, I was excited to discover that the Quail Creek-Veterans Municipal Park had a shaded dog park, with one side for small dogs and the other side for canines in excess of 30 pounds.

Smack in the middle of the Letters page is a statement emphasized by its own box and boldface print: “Letters may be edited for length, accuracy, and clarity...” When a writer makes an unambiguously false statement of fact, what criteria does the editorial board use when choosing to print it?

In response to the outstanding and eloquent In My View by Jim Herman on Afghanistan and wars in general, I have just one word: Bravo, Mr. Herman, bravo.

Congratulations on running the cartoon Sept. 1 lumping ISIS, the Taliban, The Proud Boys, MAGA, Trump, the Confederate flag, and the Insurrection Shaman together. It was right on target.

In one way, Green Valley reminds me of the TV program “Cheers.”

I get the paper twice a week, but also look it up on the computer, where I get to see more photos. Had to chuckle at the one of the bobcat, because the other day I opened the door to my very small patio (with artificial grass) in La Posada to see a beautiful bobcat staring up at me just a co…

In a historic bipartisan effort, the U.S. Senate recently passed a $1.2 trillion infrastructure investment package that will make the urgent investments that are needed in Nogales today and for generations to come.

Afghans younger than 25 never experienced the repression of the Taliban.

“We the people” are under attack from within. We are being sold out by the White House (our Executive Branch); Congress (our Legislative Branch); much of the judiciary (our Judicial Branch); our Department of Defense civilian and military leadership; our Department of Justice as it administe…

What does the Green Valley/Sahuarita area need next?

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