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Bravo to the San Ignacio Vistas trumpeter for playing the lovely outdoor musical sounds in our neighborhood. Your music lifts spirits in this trying time. Thank you. Encore! Encore!

Today I received a postcard, apparently just dropped in each mailbox, as follows:

The John F.Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts just got $25 million richer (in spite of the fact that it’s closed and has already laid off musicians) thanks to Nancy Pelosi, who demanded that and got it.

In the March 18 edition of letters to the editor, under the caption “This vs. that,” it was stated that a Tomahawk Missile built by Raytheon costs $1 million and an F-35 fighter jet costs $100 million and that those amounts could buy 20 ventilators and 2,000 ventilators respectfully, at $50,…

In December, my wife, an adult daughter, and I attended the movie “A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood” starring Tom Hanks as Fred Rogers in Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. I also read the book by Maxwell King, “The Good Neighbor: The Life and Work of Fred Rogers.”

I still communicate, via Facebook, with several classmates from 60 years ago in a small town in Ohio. One, on the conservative side, posted a prediction that the next civil war would be between “Americans and Democrats.”

We’ve all been putting in long hours since the coronavirus outbreak began to dominate the news cycle a couple of weeks ago, but our work hasn’t been limited to Green Valley and Sahuarita

The “In My View” article by Paul McCreary in the March 25 Green Valley News was a true dichotomy in print (“Trump troubling for mental health experts,” Page A7). The first paragraph dealing with a description of American values rapidly descended into a virulent attack on the president of the…

Went to Sam’ Club and Costco on Thursday. The gas price was $1.65. Saw an Arco gas station and the price was $2.19. Why are the gas stations in Green Valley charging $2.32? Isn’t it time for them to stop overcharging the people who live here and can’t go into Tucson?

Corky Simpson attempted to create a false equivalency by claiming that both President Trump and the press are equally responsible for the conflict on his handling of the coronavirus debacle (“President, press need to get acts together,” Page A6, March 25).

Here is a report on Walmart’s early open for seniors on Tuesday morning: I arrived at Walmart at the opening time of 6 a.m. and, true to form for Green Valley seniors, I was behind about 100 customers with shopping carts in front of them, weaving a long line waiting for the doors to open.

The idea of conducting an estate sale by a local church last Wednesday during a time when we are being told to stay at home is mind-boggling.

Concerning the “In My View” piece by Paul McCreary in the Green Valley news (“Trump troubling for mental health experts,” Page A7, March 25).

Every jurisdiction in the USA has a disaster plan. It cannot be put into action without a presidential declaration that there is a disaster. President Trump eventually did declare a disaster, pretty close to two months after it became apparent that there was a disaster...

It is good to see so many people taking precautions and using the gloves, masks and other protective devices during this pandemic. One piece of instruction that should be shared is how to wear masks. I have noticed many do not cover their nose with the mask. This leaves their nose as the mai…

Never have I read a clearer description and indictment of Donald Trump than in Paul McCreary’s essay ( “Trump troubling for mental health experts,” Page A7, March 25).

Eureka! TP problem solved: Pass a law that all junk mail and political solicitations should be printed on soft, absorbent paper.

Remember cloth diapers? Those nasty things you had to put up with when your kids were little. Got any around, or any old sheets, pillowcases, worn clothing, cloth napkins? If the answer is yes, then you have T.P. Cut them up, use, wash and rinse in hot water and re-use. Desperate times call …

Last year, criminologist James Alan Fox of Northeastern University published a study that showed that “homicides by intimate partners are increasing, driven primarily by gun violence after almost four decades of decline.”

What does the Green Valley/Sahuarita area need next?

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