Born Jan. 1, 1932, Boone County, Nebraska. The 7th child of Gilbert Stewart and Stella Sheely, who have 8 children all together. He attended a rural school for 8 years, New Grove High School 4 years, and some college in Nebraska and Texas.

He worked 18 years in the music business (records & tapes). He worked in several states and explored many national parks. The last 19 years he worked as a buyer for the City of Seattle. He retired in 1996 and lived in New Mexico. He hosted exchange students from Brazil and China. Then he moved to Green Valley, AZ. Previous to retirement, he assisted college students from several Asian countries.

He leaves an adopted Chinese son and four grandchildren.

He died on Oct. 13, 2021 at 10 p.m. in rich experiences.

No services per his wishes.

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