Crime stats

Traffic tickets and reports of some criminal activity are up in Green Valley, while others are down, according to numbers from the Pima County Sheriff's Department

Statistics referenced by Green Valley substation commander Lt. Eric Johnson include:

Increase in calls

•Calls for service in the Green Valley area in 2017 are up 9 percent, from 6,982 in 2016 to 7,584. Top-priority calls for assistance rose 26 percent, from 104 to 131; serious crimes were down by 11 percent, from 367 to 328.

•Just going by percentage, some differences look huge, but numbers-wise aren't as startling. Take weapons violations calls, which rose by 100 percent — from two in 2016 to four in 2017. One robbery report was filed in 2017, but none in 2016, technically a 100 percent rise. Forgery/counterfeiting is down by 67 percent, from three to one.

•Sex offenses: up by 94 percent, from 17 to 33.

•Fraud-related: up 10 percent, from 127 to 140.

•DUI reports: up 4 percent, from 26 to 27; liquor law violations, by 33 percent, from three to four.

Decrease in calls

•Burglary: down 31 percent, from 91 to 63.

•Rape-related: down 33 percent, from three to two.

•Motor vehicle theft: down 14 percent, from 37 to 32.

No change

•There were no homicides or stolen property reports filed in either year. Also, none relating to gambling, public intoxication, commercialized sex or vagrancy.

Arrests: total booked, up 49 percent, from 113 to 168. Total cited and released, up 61 percent, from 191 to 307.

Traffic: total warnings issued, up 32 percent from 456 to 601. Total citations issued, up 80 percent, from 926 to 1,167.