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A section of fence is missing after a crash near the entrance to a Rancho Sahuarita subdivision. 

Two Oracle residents were arrested early Friday after a crash outside a gated community in Rancho Sahuarita.

According to police, a couple came to Sahuarita to strike a drug deal in the parking lot of a gas station. That didn’t happen because of a heavy police presence. Police ended up stopping the vehicle and it was confiscated after drug paraphernalia was found inside. The couple then called back the person they originally met with, according to police.

He picked them up and a fight occurred in his Lincoln Navigator. The vehicle crashed through a fence and went over the side of a six-foot overpass at the entrance to the Entrada Bonita neighborhood. The couple fled and were later arrested, according to police.

Leonard James McDowell Jr., 37, and Kayla Nicole McDowell, 31, face several charges, including drug paraphernalia, possession of dangerous drugs for sale, criminal damage and aggravated assault, police said.