It isn’t winding down quite the way Cheryl and Bill Green wanted, but so much in their 35-year adventure has been a surprise that they’re taking it in stride.

In 1985, they bought a small house in Tubac and opened La Paloma, eventually building it into one of the village’s most colorful and popular shops. Now, they’re quietly watching the curtain come down.

huayna picchu

Cheryl and Bill Green atop Huayna Picchu in 2006. The peak overlooks the ruins of Machu Picchu.


The inside of La Paloma during its heyday about 10 years ago.

with our god sons children.JPG

The Green with the children of their godson in Otavalo, Ecuador.


A ceramic church from Peru donated by Bill and Cheryl Green is on display at Tucson Museum of Art.


Bill Green enjoys the porch at La Paloma. His family enjoyed parties and gatherings there during the 12 years they lived in the shop. 

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