Arizona and Pima County reported coronavirus numbers this week as the country sees the highest number of hospitalizations since the pandemic broke out.

On Thursday, there were more than 150,000 reported new infections across the nation; a week earlier, the country had reached 100,000 infections in a single day for the first time.

The COVID Tracking Project ( put hospitalizations nationwide on Friday at 68,516, up more than 20,000 since Nov. 1.

Confirmed cases were 10,588,169, and deaths as of Friday were 235,629.

Arizona cases

The Arizona Department of Health Services released figures for the week of Nov. 9:

•During the week of Oct. 4, Arizona had just over 4,800 reported COVID-19 cases. Last week, there were more than 13,000 cases, a 187 percent increase.

•There were 1,470 in-patient bed used by COVID patients as of Nov. 23, a steady rise since about Oct. 1. Statewide, 87 percent of in-patient beds were filled by COVID or non-COVID patients. This is about even with the summer virus spike.

•Percent positivity — the percentage of tests that came back positive — in the past week was the highest since the end of July statewide: 9.3 percent. This is indicative of community spread. Experts want to see that number below 5 percent. The number was 7.1 percent on Oct. 25. The last time it was below 5 percent was Oct. 4, at 4.4 percent.

•The number of tests in the past week (about 110,000 diagnostic results) is the highest since the beginning of the COVID-19 response in January.

•The hardest hit age group since Oct. 4, is 20-44 years old, with 6,241 cases (nearly half of all cases in Arizona). Next is the under-20 group, with 2,732 cases. The 65 and up group had 1,566 cases, or 11 percent.

•Despite that, those over 65 have the highest hospitalization rates, accounting for nearly 40 percent. They also have the highest death rate in the state, accounting for nearly 70 percent of deaths.

•Cases are up in all 15 counties except Greenlee. They are level in Navajo, Apache and Gila counties.

•100 percent of the state has some type of mask requirement.

•Through the entire pandemic, Arizona has seen 266,562 cases; 6,240 deaths; and just under 2 million diagnostic tests (entire state population: about 7 million).

Pima County

•Cases and hospital visit are increasing at “an alarming rate,” according to Pima County. There have been just over 2,000 cases reported since the first week of November. There were 75 hospitalizations reported last week, the highest one-week total since the summer spike in June/July.

•Since the outbreak, there have been 31,874 cases and 669 deaths in Pima County.

Green Valley/Sahuarita

•There are 39 ZIP codes in Pima County. Since the beginning of the pandemic, here is the breakdown of cases and the ranking among county ZIP codes.

85629: 709 (16)

85614: 469 (20)

85622: 77 (37)

•Confirmed overall deaths by ZIP code:

85614: 61

85622: 13

85629: 1-10