If you signed up for security on your personal computer such as Norton and McAfee to shield you from unwanted visitors and possible privacy breaches, be aware that such subscription-based services are under attack.

Scammers are issuing thousands of emails to customers of these services, and if you pay a monthly, annual or bi-annual Internet security services fee, stay alert for messages claiming that the subscription has been renewed and restored.

Keep watch for email or text messages similar to this example of an actual email from one scammer, then follow the steps listed below it:

Dear prime member,

Your one-year support for NORTON PROTECTION has been successfully renewed & restored.

The charge amount will be reflected within the next 24 to 48 hrs. On your A/C statement.

It may list the following:


Invoice No.: ASNLT20AE01


Order Date: 2nd AUG 2021

Expiration Date: 1 Years from the Date of Purchase

Amount: $244.00 USD

Payment Method: AUTO PAYMENT

If you wish to claim a REFUND then please feel free to Contact our Billing Department as soon as Possible. You can Reach us on +1 – (888) – (611) – (3596)

Regards, Billing Department

First, don’t panic!

Do not click on any links in the email or message – it will connect you directly with the scammer.

Do not call any numbers listed in the email. Find the number on your provider’s website (see below).

This is a phishing scam; if you call any numbers or click links, the scammer will offer you the opportunity to cancel, request a refund, or try to sell you fake internet security, all while confirming your billing info.

Do not share any personal or financial information to unknown parties; your legitimate provider already has it.

Such emails are written intentionally to get a response before you’ve had adequate time to process the message. It’s a trick.

Report this and all scams to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. Report suspicious activity to McAfee Labs for analysis by calling 1(888) 847-8766, a number which appears on their website, or go to Meg_spam@mcafeesubmissions.com for instructions on how to submit the scammer’s email or text message; when possible, include complete message with original headers.

Call the Pima County Sheriff’s Auxiliary Volunteers with information about scams and frauds. To contact the Scam Squad directly, 9 a.m. to noon Monday through Thursday, call 351-6715, or email: scamsquad@gvsav.org. To report suspicious activity or a particular incident of fraud, call 351-4900.