Rainy morning (copy)

Rainfall in 2019

The monsoon kicked into gear earlier this year than the past two seasons, according to the National Weather Service. However, rainfall has been hit or miss in the Tucson metro area, with some places still not seeing much, if any, rain.

The Pima County Regional Flood Control District tracks rainfall totals across Pima County, and has measured the following totals in the Green Valley area over the past seven days:

0.71 inches (near Santa Cruz River at Elephant Head Road);

0.83 inches (near the Santa Cruz River, below Continental Road);

1.22 inches (near Elephant Head Butte, in the Santa Cruz Basin);

1.85 inches (near the Santa Cruz River, at Continental Road);

1.97 inches (near Canoa Ranch); and

2.36 inches (at the Anamax Mine near Green Valley, in the Santa Cruz Basin)

For desert areas that haven't seen much rain, the Weather Service remains optimistic about more precipitation throughout the next few weeks, with an increased chance for thunderstorms in the Green Valley area as early as Tuesday.

As usual, the Weather Service says there will be “up and down days” for thunderstorms, but that this season is already shaping up to be a much more normal monsoon than the area has seen in a while.