Randi Austell of Sahuarita shows a negative result for her antibody test May 23 during a drive-through coronavirus testing event at Green Valley Baptist Church.

March 2

“I want to be sure that we’re acting in a tempered manner. I don’t want us to go off the deep end and go to the Nth degree, but I don’t want us to ignore it either and think that something doesn’t exist.”

Green Valley Fire Chief Chuck Wunder

March 3

“We want to take this seriously, we want to try and limit the spread of this disease, slow it down and minimize it as best we can, but we don’t want to go overboard and do more harm than good. You’ve seen a lot of talk in the media about closing schools. We don’t think that will be practical.”

Bob England, interim director, Pima County Health Department

March 7

“We are ready, prepared and fully trained to care for any patients who may be infected with the coronavirus.”

Mark Navarro, ER director, Santa Cruz Valley Regional Hospital

March 10

By the Numbers: Number of coronavirus cases/deaths in U.S: 975/30; in Arizona: 6/0; in Pima County: 1/0.

Green Valley News, March 11

March 10

“We are encouraging residents to refrain from having guests since they could bring the virus to our campus.”

Joni Condit, CEO, La Posada

March 11

“DON’T FREAK OUT / That’s the message as coronavirus hits county”

Green Valley News, Page 1 headline

March 13

“It’s not affecting me, it’s concerning me, but it’s not going to cripple my movements. I’m going to go ahead and be careful and I’m not going to get too shook about it. I’ve been through a lot in my life and I’m going to do what I have to do.”

Bob Strand, Green Valley

March 18

“I think everybody is concerned, everybody is stressed about it, but I think golf is one of the safest activities you can do.”

Ronnie Black, director, San Ignacio Golf Club

March 19

“I was finally able to get a pack of toilet paper but shoppers were rude as the stock person tried to put it out on the shelves. They were just grabbing from him.”

Cheryl Mendoza, Fry’s shopper

 March 19

“There’s more panic than virus.”

Anonymous Safeway shopper in Green Valley

March 20

“We want our clients to know that we are open and will continue to be open to serve them.”

Ann Striker, Sahuarita Food Bank

March 25

“If you’re gonna get it, you’re gonna get it.”

Tubac visitor Susan Shepherd, from Denver

 March 29

“Eureka! TP problem solved: Pass a law that all junk mail and political solicitations should be printed on soft, absorbent paper.”

Letter to the Editor, Fred Pelton, Green Valley

April 4

“We might have to wait four weeks for a haircut, it's just an ego problem. Medical professionals and volunteers are busting their humps and we’re getting our hair and nails done pretending what's the big deal.”

Stylist Linda Bleisch, explaining why she agrees with a shutdown order

April 12

“We’ve been open 44 years and have been through a lot, but nothing like this.”

Don Herk, owner, Arizona Family Restaurant

April 14

“The thing to keep in mind is that this is absolutely everywhere, including in Green Valley, obviously. Green Valley has an awful lot of highly susceptible people.”

Dr. Bob England, interim director, Pima County Health Department

April 21

“All the ones I've talked to said, 'No, we don't have any needs right now, we're taking care of our own, basically.’ And that's been the tradition in Green Valley for as long as it's existed. People watch out for each other. That's kind of the normal course of events here."

Thao Tiedt, GVC president

April 26

"We're one of the only places to get some food besides the market. We are weathering the storm and we're going to try our darndest to get through this."

Maggie Milinovitch, owner, La Gitana bar in Arivaca

April 29

“Schools closing are a big deal because a lot of times this is where kids have a social outlet. School is everything and kids miss their classes, PE, they miss all of it; the world’s become a bit of a scarier place for kids.”

Jenifer Regan, director of Youth and Family Services, Cope Community Services

May 1

“We spend more time together and make the best of it. I tell them it’s a blessing in itself that came out of something bad and we’ve gotten to know each other even better.”

Bibi Hoff, whose kids were learning at home after schools closed

 May 5

“I was against shutting down the country and destroying the economy and putting all these people out of work. But, yes, of course I can understand the reasons why they did it, and at the end of the day, who knows, it probably did keep the spread of the virus down.”

Barber Harry Meyer, as businesses prepared to reopen after a month-long shutdown

May 17

“Jiu jitsu is like therapy, there are a lot of benefits. It's been a struggle not to have that outlet to do rolls and chokes and just see each other on a weekly basis.”

Matt Blank, owner, Undisputed South, on reopening his gym

May 19

“You will be tagged with the devastation that will be accrued by this group. You will be responsible, you’ll be the ones to blame for the absolute horrific fallout that’s going to happen. This is on all of you, this will remain with you and you’ll have to live with it.”

Supervisor Steve Christy, arguing for fewer restrictions on restaurant owners

May 25

“As far as this goes, it was basically a thought of we hated just doing nothing, but we didn’t want to put anyone in danger.”

American Legion Post 66 Commander Gary Hoffman, explaining scaled down Memorial Day plans

July 19

"I trained in one of the most high-stress environments, and we've seen a lot of tropical medicine, all types of exotic diseases, but this is definitely a different beast.”

Dr. Frank Bonpietro, Santa Cruz Valley Regional Hospital

Aug. 5

“I’ve been so impressed with their attitudes and how willing they were to try and make things work.”

Cindy Robinson, Hey Productions, on how Great Expectations Academy students pivoted and went virtual with their school play

Sept. 30

“We had a couple members in Tennessee reach out to me and say, ‘What if we did a virtual pro-am at everyone’s own course and upload the scores to play as if we’re all playing together.’ I think it’s the first of its kind.”

LPGA Professionals national president and Green Valley resident Marvol Barnard explaining how its first virtual golf tournament came together

Oct. 14

“With my background from the hospital, I was like this is our spotlight, this is our time to shine.”

Lucas Robinson, Sahuarita Unified School District’s custodial supervisor, who worked in a similar capacity at three hospitals

Oct. 21

"We probably would have gone through a lot more volunteers. We probably would have done things differently, which would have affected our flow and everything. We probably would have been slower. Yeah, I don't want to think about it. Most of our volunteers are 70-plus. They're not throwing boxes around."

Carlos Valles, Sahuarita Food Bank, on the help received from National Guard members

Oct. 27

“One of the things this has reinforced with us is the fact that church is not a building, church is about people. We can still gather and be people of God wherever we are gathering. We’re alive because of who we are and our ministry can take place wherever we are.”

Pastor David Taylor, Common Ground Church of Sahuarita

Oct. 30

“I think it’s time to err on the side of caution and be more conservative. COVID is a nasty animal and it doesn't do things in a slow or predictable way. It spreads.”

Dustin Williams, Pima County Superintendent

Dec. 2

“It’s been a challenge but with everything going on the kids really benefit from being outside, so we’re doing our best to make a program that fills those needs.”

Brent Jackman, regional commissioner, Arizona Youth Soccer Organization

Dec. 8

“I think Fred could be the poster child for 2020. With equal doses of love, patience and consistent gentle guidance we are sure Fred will not only survive but thrive, and the same might be said for our community and our country during 2020.”

Holly Lee on her newly adopted dog Tio Fred, who’d been on the lam for two weeks