Posada Java is using the down time brought on by the pandemic to make major changes at the popular coffee shop and gathering spot, and anticipates reopening in April.

After closing in mid-March, plans are underway to expand the kitchen prep and counter area and to move the Green Valley-Sahuarita Genealogy Library to the adjacent space formerly occupied by a barber shop.

Joni Condit, president and Chief Executive Officer at La Posada, said the move makes sense because library users require a quieter environment. The location will also make the library visible from the street.

Darillyn and Bob Doss have been key in the efforts to get the library moved.

“The Genealogy Library is such a wonderful asset to the community and the volunteer leadership of the Dosses is inspiring!” Condit said.

Painting and cleaning are finished; once bookshelves and furniture are in place in late October/early November, books can be moved to the new location and construction at Posada Java’s kitchen and counter will begin.

“The renovation time has to include time for the town to review the plans and go through their process to approve. Kitchen renovation is not a quick renovation so it will likely take until April as originally planned,” Condit said.

Renovations will include the expansion of the kitchen prep area. There will also be changes to the customer counter, glass display case and register location.

Condit said the impact of COVID-19 has been considered so that customers can be socially distanced in line and at the counter. Staff will take items to the tables.

“We hope to reopen some time in April if all goes as planned,” she said. “There will be more space between tables, and no coffee self-serve at this point. We will need to take a wait-and-see approach to the longer term.”

When Posada Java reopens, former staff who have been running the To Your Door grocery service program and Personal Shopper programs to help La Posada residents avoid exposure will return to the coffee shop.

There are no definite plans at this time to bring back the Monday farmers market and seasonal community concerts. Condit said the primary focus now is maintaining a safe environment.

“It will depend how this winter goes and what the recommendations are in general from scientists and health officials,” she said.

“We are anxious for Posada Java to reopen with the safety constraints we have planned. Hopefully, sometime next year Java will again be a central gathering hub for our residents and the broader community,” she said.

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