Anamax Park is the site of the annual birthday bash for Sahuarita. 

The Town of Sahuarita's Parks and Rec Department has a five-year plan in addition to seven projects scheduled for completion in the 2019-20 fiscal year, which ends June 30. Here are this year's projects and the five-year plan that is not yet funded.


Wrightson Ridge School Park: ($50,000) Finished a sports field and lighting in August.

Quail Creek-Veterans Memorial Park: ($25,000) Replaced a torn shade canopy at the playground.

Quail Creek-Veterans Memorial Park: ($325,000) Will construct three pickleball courts, expected to be finished by June 30.

Quail Creek-Veterans Memorial Park: ($115,000) The town is set to install shade ramadas near the park's playground. The town should complete installation by late December or early January.

North Santa Cruz Park and Sahuarita Lake Park: ($79,000) Replacing picnic tables, benches, waste bins. Work should finish this month.

Anamax Park: ($112,000) Will install a net climber in late December or early January, and will include safety surfaces.

Anamax Park: Will begin initial design and site planning for a splash pad and inclusive playground; there is no funding for construction or detailed drawings. There wouldn't be any further work without additional funding in a future budget.

Future projects

Five-year Capital Improvement Projects, list by fiscal year with an estimate of the funding needed, are items the town wants to bring to the parks system. These projects still need to be budgeted and approved.


Anamax Park: ($893,000) Splash pad, and park furnishings ($50,000).


Parque Los Arroyos: ($65,000) Pump track, an enclosed track with curves, high and low spots. Rather than using pedals for propulsion, riders pump their arms to gain momentum.

North Santa Cruz Park and Anamax Park: ($25,000) Bocce, horseshoes, cornhole, table tennis. The town has not yet determined which amenities to build. They would add  amenities every two years as funding becomes available.

Sahuarita Lake Park: ($25,000) Bridge on the southern side of the park over the drainage swale.

Quail Creek-Veterans Memorial Park: ($55,000) Sand volleyball.

Quail Creek-Veterans Memorial Park: ($50,000) Skateboarding area and skate spot. It would be the town's third skateboarding area (Anamax Park and North Santa Cruz Park).


Anamax Park: ($657,00) Inclusive playground; no funding has been raised or appropriated yet. There has been interest from residents in helping the town raise funds. The town expects a more accurate cost estimate after a design concept is developed.


Anamax Park: ($175,000) Maintenance modular office.

North Santa Cruz Park and Anamax Park: ($25,000) Bocce, horseshoes, cornhole, table tennis. The 2023-24 fiscal year would be the second year for these amenities.

North Santa Cruz Park: ($95,000) Increase shade for picnic tables at the park.


Wrightson Ridge: ($490,000) Play structure and ramada. The town and Sahuarita Unified School District entered into an intergovernmental agreement in 2017.

Sahuarita Lake Park: ($306,000) Play structure.


An ongoing $25,000 per year to replace shade canopies in the park system. The town would apply the $25,000 to existing canopies on an as-needed basis. 

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