QC extension phase II

A plan by subcontractor Terracon shows possible pathways for the next phase of the Quail Crossing Boulevard extension. Psomas will receive up to $535,997.50 to design the next phase, which is expected to take about 18 months.

The next phase of the Quail Crossing Boulevard project will officially begin Monday when the Sahuarita Town Council approves a contract with a designer worth more than $500,000.

According to documents submitted to the Town of Sahuarita, designing the second phase of the long-anticipated road connecting Old Nogales Highway near Quail Creek to Nogales Highway at the Crossing will cost up to $535,997.50.

Building the road is expected to cost at least $3 million, according to estimates from town officials. That could fluctuate depending on what design options are ultimately selected.

Bonds, grants and other funding sources have all been discussed as potential avenues to fund the road construction project, but nothing has been decided yet.

The design phase isn’t expected to be completed until August 2020, according to a draft schedule of the project.

The design contractor, Psomas, Inc., said in its bid letter that “This phase of the project consists of the preparation of final design plans, specifications and a cost estimate for 1.2 miles of a new two-lane roadway with drainage structures, flood warning systems and landscaping improvements.”

Psomas is planning two alternatives for the most difficult part of the project – crossing the Santa Cruz River.

Being considered are “an at-grade dip crossing, and a short bridge (150-200 ft) over the low flow channel. The evaluation will consider construction costs, maintenance costs and benefits of both alternatives.”

“This scope of work assumes that a dip-crossing will be designed; if the bridge alternative is selected, a contract modification would be needed to cover bridge design costs.”

The designer will also conduct traffic and environmental studies and detail plans for land acquisition and working with utilities and Union Pacific Railroad.

Psomas will make several presentations to the town council at key stages of the projects, and will plan for several stakeholder meetings with the community as well.


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