Sahuarita NJROTC cadets (front row): Marco Victorino, Madeline Arbogast, Briana Chavez, Commander Kenneth Liles, USN (Ret.), Kaelyn Murphy and Simran Patil. (Back row): Josh King, Bret Anderson, Gunnar Johnson and Logan Hardy.


The Sahuarita NJROTC finished third out of 10 schools in the Valley of the Sun NJROTC Field Meet at Moon Valley High School in Phoenix on Dec. 7, and will go on to national competition in March.

During the Field Meet, 40 cadets from each unit compete in military personnel inspection, unarmed and armed drill teams, athletic teams and academic teams.

The Sahuarita NJROTC earned 12 trophies, placing second in athletic competition, third in drill and fourth in academic competition. Top 10 individual winners were Briana Chavez, Kaelyn Murphy, Marco Victorino and Madeline Arbogast (push ups), Simran Patil and Madeline Arbogast (curl ups), and Gunnar Johnson and Zach Henn (academics).

"This year it showed how much improvement we have made with the drill teams and the athletic teams from last year,” Cadet/Petty Officer Second Class Daniel Grijalva said.

The NJROTC Area 11 Program Manager, CDR Ken Liles, USN (Ret.) visited Sahuarita High School on Dec. 11 to tour the NJROTC facilities and congratulate the cadets on their success at the Valley of the Sun Field Meet.

He also informed them that based on their overall performance they are now eligible to compete in March at the Area 11 NJROTC Field Meet at Santa Ana High School in California. This is the first time Sahuarita NJROTC has been eligible to go to the Area NJROTC Field Meet, known as the "Super Bowl.”

"Sahuarita has always been one of the most well rounded units in the Arizona and Southern California region,” Liles said. “They consistently do well in NJROTC curriculum and extracurricular activities. I am extremely impressed with the cadets enthusiasm and how they represent not only the town of Sahuarita, but also the NJROTC program."