Local donations to political candidates soared this election cycle, jumping up to five times higher than 2016. 

Using data from the Center for Responsive Politics, a nonpartisan, nonprofit group that tracks money in U.S. politics, it’s possible to see how much money people in Green Valley and Sahuarita gave to political candidates. 

The center tracks data based on ZIP code. The average ZIP code in the United States gave $167,501 to political causes in the 2020 presidential election cycle. Taking into consideration that ZIP codes can have wildly divergent populations, donors in three local ZIP codes gave more than the national average. 

Donors in 85614, one of Green Valley’s two ZIP codes which includes part of southern Sahuarita, contributed eight times as much as the average ZIP code in the nation, giving $1,275,048 to political candidates. That’s almost five times more than the area donated in 2016 ($268,606). 

The next largest local contribution came from 85622, Green Valley, who donated $486,022 to political campaigns, or three times the average ZIP code. Their spending went up well over four times that of 2016 ($106,631).

People in 85629, which includes the northern part of Sahuarita, contributed $234,362 to political causes which is nearly three times what they spent in 2016 ($81,147).

Who did it go to? 

In 85614, the top three recipients were Mark Kelly ($68,308); Joe Biden ($53,920) and the DNC Services Corp. (Democratic National Committee), which received $32,340. Donald Trump was fourth with $31,270. 

In 85622, the top three recipients were the DNC Services Corp. ($47,500), Senate candidate Mark Kelly ($15,760) and President Donald Trump ($13,655). Presidential candidate Joe Biden was sixth with $8,274. 

In 85629, the top three recipients were Mark Kelly ($14,400), Joe Biden ($9,515) and Martha McSally ($8,586). Donald Trump was sixth, with $3,726. 

Nora Fischbach of Green Valley is “delighted” to see the donations from Green Valley and Tucson. 

“I have donated several times to the Biden campaign,” she wrote on NABUR, the Green Valley News and Sahuarita Sun social media site. “I also donated once to Mark Kelly. This is the first year I’ve ever donated to a politician, but this election is so important!” 

Judy Harmer of Green Valley also donated to Joe Biden and Mark Kelly.

“I am tired of the chaos of the current administration, and the man in the White House’s lack of morality and empathy,” she wrote on NABUR. “This has become a country I don’t recognize.” 

To put these donations into context, all of the Tucson area donated $2,831,496 to Joe Biden's campaign and $1,762,286 to Donald Trump's campaign.

Candidates can use this money to advertise their campaign through online ads or physical mail, and because of that Andy Grover regrets his donation because of the “clutter” of advertisements.

“When I occasionally watch TV, I have to have one finger at the ready on the ‘mute’ button,” he wrote on NABUR. “Anyone that is donating to a political candidate/issue is likely suffering through the same experience. Republican? Democrat? A pox on both our houses! We suffer together.”

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