The blue dot on the map designates the third drilling spot for Hudbay Minerals. The numbers represents the original sites announced in October.

Hudbay Minerals, owner of the proposed Rosemont Mine, is planning to do exploration drilling in a third location on the western slope of the Santa Rita Mountains.

The company said Tuesday it will move a drilling rig to the Peach Elgin area just south of the Santa Rita Quarry, the limestone mine visible at the northern end of the Santa Rita Mountain range. The location, like the first two spots, is on Hudbay land in the Helvetia Mining District.

The company announced in September that it would be doing 24-hour exploratory drilling at two sites, which began last month. One is near the ridge line 11 miles east of Quail Creek. The other is about a half-mile north-northwest of that site. The new drilling site is two miles west of that.

The entire process is expected to last three to six months; adding a third site did not prolong the project, a spokesman said.

The Rosemont Mine on the eastern slope of the Santa Ritas is hung up in court for at least another year, giving the company time to explore on the western slope, a company official said in September.

“Hudbay was aware of a number of locations, within our private property, with possible mineral deposits that could be part of future projects,” said Andre Lauzon, vice president of Hudbay Minerals’ Arizona Business Unit. “The delay gave us the time necessary to further explore these areas.”