County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry told the Board of Supervisors on Wednesday that coronavirus guidelines might not end until January 2022.

Republican Supervisor Steve Christy asked Huckelberry if COVID-19 guidelines would likely end in early 2021, after discussing the county's "Ready For You 2.0" program.

The program isn't complete, and the county is still working on the details.

Huckelberry said the county would have a preamble and frequently-asked-question section added to where the public makes business complaints related to COVID-19 guidelines.

He also said the program would expand beyond businesses they normally regulate as a public health agency. The program would also operate on an opt-in basis without civil or criminal repercussions.

"We really have to also remember that the primary regulatory actions are the state's and governor's Executive Orders of which we must comply with," Huckelberry said. "And so, we cannot relax those standards. But those standards typically don't apply to non-regulated businesses."

Christy also asked when the proclamation, policies, enforcement and restrictions from the Ready for You program would end.

"How long in your estimation, Mr. Huckelberry, do you foresee all of this program to remain in place," Christy asked.

Huckelberry said there's no end in sight as COVID-19 cases increase.

"I also think it's fair and appropriate that ours can be modified once the state's and the governor's Executive Order is modified or relaxed," Huckelberry said.

When Christy asked if that would be soon after the New Year, Huckelberry responded that it was purely speculative and would likely be 2022.

"Simply because you really have to have a vaccine," Huckelberry said. "And the vaccine has to be effective. And the vaccine has to be distributed and taken by a majority of the population."