He's gone

GVR CEO Kent Blumenthal, center, cuts the ribbon last month on the new Pickleball Center. At left is GVR President Charlie Sieck. 

Green Valley Recreation announced today that CEO Kent Blumenthal has stepped down after six years.

The announcement comes amid a heated board election focused largely on his leadership and the future of GVR, and at the end of two years of tense meetings that pitted him against a slim board majority.

In a press release from GVR Tuesday afternoon, board president Charlie Sieck announced Blumenthal was gone as of Feb. 25, "to pursue other interests."

Sieck told the Green Valley News that Jen Morningstar, GVR's Director of Administrative Services, is the interim CEO while a newly formed committee works on finding a permanent replacement for Blumenthal.

Sieck said he couldn't comment on what requirements the committee would have for a new CEO and that they would need time to decide whether to use existing requirements or modify them.

The board and Blumenthal settled on his departure Monday, but Sieck said he couldn't comment on whether the decision was mutual or if the organization bought out the remainder of his contract. 

Sieck said he couldn't comment on when the discussion for Blumenthal to step down began as well.

Sieck said the board would table the items on Wednesday's agenda, which Blumenthal would have presented.

"We're going to move ahead," Sieck said. "The succession plan, in that Kent had set up a very good interim process where basically (operations is) going to operate as a team and the spokesman for the team will be Jen Morningstar."

Sieck said he and board director Lynne Chalmers would meet with the operations team Monday to assure them they are doing a good job, and they expect them to continue to do so.

However, Sieck said he and Chalmers, as well as the board, wouldn't intervene with operations.

"The Board of Directors is not going to get in the middle of operations," he said. "We're going to stay totally out of that."


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