Board of Directors

GVR's Board of Directors meeting on Wednesday ended with no assistance to road repair and a stalled East Center pool.

The GVR Board of directors voted unanimously Wednesday to reject an HOA's request to help with road repairs and delayed a vote on replacing a swimming pool at the East Center.  

The Springs at Santa Rita HOA sent a letter Feb. 5 to the board stating that HOA president Rebecca Keenan had made six attempts to reach a resolution with GVR.

Keenan didn't return multiple messages for comment from the Green Valley News.

Board president Don Weaver told directors he would work with the HOA and Tucson Asphalt to explore paving alternatives that could reduce costs by about 50 percent. A project cost wasn't provided during the meeting.

However, GVR director Bev Lawless took issue with GVR providing any road repair assistance around the Santa Rita Springs center, which is behind a gate and surrounded by private HOA roads.

Lawless told the board that approving the plan could set a precedent for other HOAs to request the same assistance around GVR centers. She also said traffic from multiple garbage services was more likely a factor in road damage than GVR member traffic.

Lawless also took issue with the HOA using GVR's social center as a selling point for homes while wanting GVR to shoulder road repair responsibility.

Directors Mark McIntosh, Mark Kelley, Christine Gallegos and Mike Zelenak also voiced opposition to any road repair assistance.

Weaver told the board he would work with the HOA as a private citizen, not a board member, regardless of the decision to find lower-cost alternatives for the road repair project. 

Other action

The board directed GVR staff to initiate a pilot program for an outdoor fitness area at Canoa Ranch.

GVR shuttered fitness centers after reopening them to comply with Gov. Doug Ducey's Executive Order in June, closing indoor gyms and fitness centers, waterparks, and indoor movie theaters.

Interim CEO Jen Morningstar told the board that indoor equipment isn't rated for outdoor use, and moving it outside would void the warranties.

Directors expressed concerns about the safety of having indoor electric equipment outdoors and properly securing equipment after hours.

Director Randy Howard said Canoa Ranch offered the best location for launching the program while maintaining security.

Although the board directed Morningstar to get the project started straight away without submitting a proposal to directors, it agreed staff should discuss the project with their insurance company first.

Pickleball snag

The Pickleball Center amenities hit a snag after receiving funding for one item on the proposed list of amenities.

The board didn't approve up to $50,000 initially on the agenda. However, directors approved, 8-4, up to $9,000 for windscreens from the Initiatives Fund as part of the previously approved $1.25 million for the center's construction.

East Center pool

The board stalled plans to move forward on a complete replacement of the East Center's pool, which closed in May after contractors found it was leaking 250 gallons of water every day.

Howard proposed the board approve up to $15,000 for a preliminary design on a replacement pool.

Zelenak recommended any further progress on replacing the pool wait until mid-2021.

Howard's proposal ended with a tie vote, stalling the East Center's pool replacement.

The board didn't set a date to resume the project but told Howard to have his Planning and Evaluation Committee members present the project to directors at a future meeting.

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