Green Valley Recreation on Wednesday released official results of its election.

As reported online Monday by the Green Valley News, the top four vote-getters took all open seats and were supported by Friends of GVR — Randy Howard (3,245 votes; 14.2%), Donna Coon (incumbent, 3,114; 13.6%), Bev Lawless (2,978; 13.1%) and Beverly Tobiason (2,894; 12.7%).

A GVR spokesman declined to release the voter turnout rate but the Green Valley News confirmed it was just under 43 percent based on total weighted votes.

The next four finishers were backed by GVR4Us:

•Mark Kelley (2,624; 11.5%)

•Lenore Bell (2,441; 10.7%)

•Dale Sprinkle (2,394; 10.5%)

•Kathi Bachelor (2,313; 10.1%)

The nine-place finisher was not backed by either group:

•Barbara Mauser (814; 3.6%)

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