Santa Rita

The GVR Board of Directors will consider spending money on road repairs and pickleball and look at the possibility of moving fitness equipment outside to get around a statewide gym-closure mandate during Wednesday’s meeting.

The meeting is at 2 p.m. via Zoom, available here. 

The board is scheduled to vote to authorize spending up to $50,000 from the previously approved $1.25 million for the Pickleball Center.

Fiscal Affairs committee chair Donna Coon estimated $47,800 would go toward amenities at the center such as benches, windscreens, trash cans, fence safety protectors, a practice wall, bulletin boards and a flag pole.

Green Valley Recreation received a $50,000 donation from Freeport-McMoRan for restrooms at the center in 2018. That donation has been a source of disagreement between directors backed by opposition groups Friends of GVR and GVR4Us.

Some past directors view Freeport's donation for restrooms as freeing up $50,000 in GVR money for more amenities. Other directors contend the donation provides a return on the $1.25 million previously approved by the board.

In November, former director Carol Crothers told the board the $50,000 should go to GVR's Initiatives Fund to cover the restroom costs. Former director Denise Nichols said the move was an attempt by Crothers to deduct the donation from the previously approved $1.25 million. Nichols contended the donation was in addition to the $1.25 million.

The following month, GVR Foundation president Jim Counter reported they distributed Freeport's donation correctly after concerns over whether they should have paid it to directly to GVR or the center's contractors.

Move it outside

GVR director Mike Zelenak plans to propose at the meeting that staff look into moving fitness equipment outdoors.

On June 29, Gov. Doug Ducey issued an Executive Order closing indoor fitness centers and gyms, as well as bars, movie theaters and waterparks. Ducey extended the order July 23 with a review for repeal or revision every two weeks.

Zelenak said he's heard of other gyms and centers taking  equipment outside to remain compliant and open. Although Zelenak said he hadn't heard members asking for it, he wants GVR’s staff to explore the possibility of providing fitness amenities through outdoor setups.

Zelenak pointed to the East Center as a possible location to move equipment outdoors for members.

"My proposal would be to at least give it a shot and see how the members respond to it," he said. "I understand with the heat, they might be open in the morning and open in the evening. There are different ideas that I want to toss around."

Roads question

The board also will hear about possibly assisting The Springs at Santa Rita HOA with road repair work.

In February, the HOA sent a letter to GVR, stating they made six previous attempts to resolve to share the road repair costs without success. While the HOA's roads are private, they surround the Santa Rita Springs center, used by GVR members who don't live in the community.

The HOA is asking GVR to assist with repairs to Via Rio Fuerte from the frontage road and surrounding the center on all three sides.

The HOA's letter said repair work on Via Rio Fuerte begins in 2021, and ample time for budgetary planning is necessary. The HOA requested a response to its letter by Feb. 24.

Interim CEO Jen Morningstar said the request came up last year, but the board didn't address it.

Morningstar said she is still waiting on how much GVR would have to contribute to the project.

"They brought it to our attention last year, and after (former CEO Kent Blumenthal) left, it didn't get back on the agenda," she said. "And then they contacted me a week or so ago and reminded me to put it on the agenda."