East Center pool

The East Center pool, closed last year, opened in 1963.

A new multi-use pool for Green Valley Recreation’s East Center surged a step closer following an 11-1 board vote at its May meeting Wednesday, advancing the replacement project.

The board decided to proceed with a plan favored by staff over two more drastically pared design concepts presented. Basics of the preferred plan, including a separate spa, are estimated at $695,000, excluding demolition, geotechnical investigation and dependent partially on coming soil investigation, any ground stabilization indicated and other factors.

Basic estimates for the other two options were $621,000 for a pool with 450 square feet less surface area, and $500,000 for a pool/spa combo 33 percent smaller.

The existing pool, built in 1963, was permanently closed last year due to ongoing issues with leakage resulting from soil-settling beneath the facility.

An earlier plan submitted by the Aquatics Subcommittee appointed by the board’s standing Planning and Evaluation Committee came in at $1.3 million. P&E initially estimated available funds at $500,000.

Board member Mark McIntosh cast the lone “no” vote after voicing doubt over need for a spa large enough for 14 people.

No guesstimate has been ventured as to when the pool-replacement will be complete until determinations are made following soil and ground considerations. Wednesday’s board vote directs staff to finalize bid documents and seek construction proposals.

Demolition of the existing pool starts Tuesday. It will be live-streamed from gvrec.com.

Other votes

The board also voted 7-6 in favor of reimbursing $17,324 to GVR’s Pickleball Club after it fronted GVR that amount last year to provide a shade structure for the courts at the pickleball complex, with consideration of being reimbursed through GVR’s Initiatives Fund this year.

Some board members said they felt shade is a necessity, not a luxury, therefore GVR should provide them. Others said GVR’s roughly $2 million investment in pickleball is plenty already, and that they prefer that the Pickleball Club donation go toward other recreational club funding requests.