It’s OK to cry.

Whether you’ve lost loved ones to COVID-19, old age or other ailments, the long-time Green Valley-area Good Grief support group may help you get through the worst of trying to adjust to life without them.

The group is moving back to the Friends in Deed building on Camino Casa Verde, where it will continue meeting weekly on Tuesdays from 10:30 a.m. to noon, starting May 4.

The meetings are led by Deb Jones and offer an atmosphere in which attendees may share, listen, do a bit of both, and for sure, cry if they’re moved to. They are open to anybody who’s lost a loved one, said Ruby Payne, a retired nurse who lost her husband 17 months ago to COPD. Another frequent attendee lost a husband and young child to cancer; another has lost a string of relatives over time.

Previously, the group’s been meeting at Continental Shopping Plaza and briefly in parks, wherever space could be found. Attendance has ranged from 12 to 30 or more, Payne said.

The format is fairly loose, generally begins with a question or two at the start, or a suggested topic such as “empty-house syndrome,” the lonely feeling a new loss may evoke, or “front-door syndrome,” a new reluctance to leave the familiar and venture out of the house.

Sometimes grief can elicit disinterest in decorating, housekeeping or other formerly routine activities, and any of those could be a subject.

“The best thing about the group is that it’s OK to cry,” Payne said. It happens. The group is there to help and it’s alright to feel bad, to talk or not, no expectations.

“If anyone feels uncomfortable telling their family something, they can say it here.” No bugging family members if they’ve already heard grief outpouring ad infinitum.

Masks are required and social distancing in practice. Most of the regulars have had their vaccines.

Following the meeting, anyone who wishes is invited to join attendees who go out to lunch, where the usual chatter focuses on what everyone’s doing to live for today. Talk may center on a ball game, the Oscars, what everyone was wearing at the Oscars, Payne said. It’s an opportunity to socialize with people sharing a common experience.

“There’s a lot of bonding that goes on,” said Friends in Deed operations director Carol Mossholder.

Not all programs that previously met at the building before COVID restrictions began have resumed. To find out more, call the office at 520-625-1150.