A Green Valley man was duped into providing scam artists the password to his bank account and he ended up losing $38,000 as a result.

According to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report, the 84-year-old man called Thursday to inform deputies Chase Bank was investigating a fraud case in which he was the victim.

He explained that sometime during the first week of November he received an email  from someone claiming to be with Chase Bank informing him something suspicious was going on with his account. The email recommended he change the password to his account via email and he did so.

When he visited the bank on Nov. 21, tellers asked him if he'd been transferring money to Wyoming, according to the report. When he replied, "No," they informed him $38,000 from his checking account had been sent to Wyoming.

Bank officials said they would fix the issue, but he needed to obtain a police report.

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