The United Republicans of Green Valley and Sahuarita is going through with a mock funeral to "bury" Democratic issues but it won't be starting in front of the Democratic Headquarters as originally planned.

The event is still on for 9 a.m. Friday, but the group announced Thursday that the starting point has been moved to its own headquarters at Green Valley Village.

United Republicans president Yale Wishnick said the move was a matter of convenience and that the group still plans to have a convoy pass by the Democrats' office at Continental Shopping Plaza before returning to the starting point for eulogies and food.

Wishnick said Thursday it hadn't been determined whether they will drive past the plaza on Continental Road or go into the parking lot and pass the Democratic Headquarters. A United Republicans web post stated procession drivers will get a route map before the 9 a.m. departure.

Original plans to decorate "funeral" vehicles in front of Democratic Headquarters met with outrage in Green Valley, with many people saying it was insensitive in a time where thousands of people are dying of coronavirus.