Wall walk

A pickup is hung up on the wall at Continental Shopping Plaza on Wednesday.

Somebody had a worse day than you today, but we didn't ask his name because ... why make things worse? 

Sometimes we have a little compassion in this business.

A big white pickup got hung up on the low wall that divides traffic at the entrance to Continental Shopping Plaza in Green Valley about 12:50 p.m. Wednesday.

If I hadn't been there you wouldn't have known, heard or really cared about it.  

A pickup is pulled off a low wall Wednesday, June 30, at Continental Shopping Plaza. 

It was nothing seven emergency vehicles couldn't handle — four Pima County Sheriff's trucks, an ambulance, a Green Valley Fire District fire truck (siren going) and a GVFD pickup. The latter three drove by, saw it wasn't serious and left without stopping.

The overwhelming response was reassuring — help is there (and fast) when you need it. 

Four deputies got to work hitching up a winch on the front of a sheriff's vehicle to the back of the pickup to pull it off the wall as Sheriff's Auxiliary Volunteers redirected traffic. Don't miss the video. Scintillating.  

The wall — maybe 20 inches high — went up earlier this year in place of several plastic poles that divided traffic, most of them sheared off several times over the past few years. The yellow paint on the wall has been touched up a time or two to cover the scrapes and chunks of concrete that have been chiseled out of it by bumpers, tires and, sometimes, undercarriages of vehicles.

This wasn't the first time it has happened and likely won't be the last. In all, maybe it took 15 minutes.