GVR Board

There's a shift coming to the GVR Board of Directors after the entire slate of candidates backed by Friends of GVR took all four seats in the election, according to information obtained by the Green Valley News.

A Green Valley Recreation spokesman wouldn't confirm the information and said results would be announced Wednesday.

Donna Coon, Randy Howard, Bev Lawless and Beverly Tobiason took the four open seats. The new directors will fill the outgoing seats left by Carol Crothers, Tom Sadowski and Denise Nichols. Coon was re-elected.

Last year's election moved the directors from an even board, which often resulted in tie votes, to an 8-4 majority supported by GVR4US. This year's election shifts the board to a 7-5 majority supported by the Friends.

Friends-supported candidates received a boost when former director Suzan Curtin left the board in February after selling her GVR home. Mark McIntosh filled Curtin's vacant seat. He came in fifth place during last year's election and was on the Friends' 2019 slate of candidates.

The shift in majorities comes after continued contention among directors, members and staff, which culminated in former CEO Kent Blumenthal stepping down Feb. 25.

Although overt tensions have dissipated since Blumenthal's resignation, GVR is still facing a significant challenge in which the two quasi-factions differ – a lack of dedicated space for clubs at social centers.

GVR4US has called for minimal expansion that should reflect current membership needs. They've also opposed dues increases. GVR hasn't had a dues increase in two years.

The Friends support some dues increases as well as expanding dedicated space for clubs.

GVR's most recent social center, Canoa Ranch Center, opened in 2009, and the 24-court Pickleball Center opened Jan. 28.

Planning and constructing the Pickleball Center had been a major source of tension between the two groups.

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