Not allowed in the building

Christine Leach, a resident of Corona De Tucson, holds a sign about mandated mask wearing in front of the county administration building last month. Leach was not allowed to enter the building because she did not want to wear a mask.

“Numerous” complaints have been lodged against Green Valley businesses for not complying with Pima County’s face covering resolution, according to a county spokesman.

Communications Director Mark Evans estimated Thursday that the county had received more than 500 complaints countywide, and 50 to 70 each day, since the resolution went into effect; 173 complaints were filed June 23-30, he said. 

There have been a few establishments that have had multiple complaints, he said.

Complaints against individuals have also been made but the county is not going after individuals, only establishments, he said.

Evans said the county is only considering complaints against businesses whose employees are not complying with the face covering resolution, not patrons or customers. The only way an employee does not have to comply is if they meet the criteria for an exemption.

Complaints have come in against businesses for not making customers wear face coverings but the resolution says refusing entry to customers is left to the establishment’s discretion.

“Under the resolution, the business is not required to require the public to wear a mask,” Evans said. “It’s just that we prefer that they do.”

A breakdown of the complaints was not available Thursday, he said.

Evans said complaints are also being submitted for violations of the Board of Supervisors’ May 19 proclamation that established measures for reopening of businesses and activities. He said 98 of complaints were filed between June 23 and 30.

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