Pima County and Sahuarita could move closer to in-depth discussions on a regional wastewater plant as the Town Council considers a formalized first step this week.

Sahuarita Engineering Division Manager Galo Galovale said the MOU — Memorandum of Understanding — on Monday's council agenda would initiate efforts for planning a joint regional water reclamation facility. He said the MOU's purpose is to establish a cooperation and information-sharing framework as well as explore potential agreements.


The county's Green Valley Wastewater Reclamation Facility has two plants incorporated into one, with upgraded, newer units cleaning sewage on one side and a lagoon system on the other.


The lagoons at the county's Green Valley Wastewater Reclamation Facility is part of the plant's original sewage processing capability.

Next stage

After removing solids, the water at the county's Green Valley facility moves on for more treatment to clean the water before using it to recharge groundwater. 

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